The Law of Entropy: Exclusion

There is this one thing that does not obey the Second Law of Thermodynamics: human’s emotions.

People love, then unlove. People hate, then unhate, then hate again. In the morning they despair, in the evening full of desire. Only one heart they have, but limitless love they can grow. It can be so sincere and good and perfect, then just wrecked into pieces to realize that it becomes full of passionate again thereafter. It can be more or less tomorrow, it can be better or worse weeks later. It surely flows in time, yes, but…in a very unpredictable direction.

It is simply not possible to extrapolate what people’s feelings are a minute later, let alone in the far future. Unlike other things in this universe, the Law of Entropy, no, all laws that we know, are invalid when we talk about it.

Maybe that very reason makes it (more) complicated, challenging, yet beautiful at the same time? But we do not mind gambling with uncertainty, do we? Contrarily, we enjoy playing with dice.

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